U.S. Water Services (“USWS” or the “Company”) is one of the largest independent, fully-integrated, industrial / commercial water treatment companies in the U.S., serving a wide range of industrial, commercial and institutional accounts. The Company’s chemicals division offers a comprehensive line of approximately 350 proprietary, branded and blended chemical products and support services. These chemicals improve production efficiency, reduce utility and maintenance costs, protect against contamination/corrosion, enhance compliance regulation and are non-discretionary purchases for customers providing highly predictable and recurring revenue for USWS. The Company’s equipment division offers a complete line of engineered water treatment capital equipment (filtration, softeners, delivery systems, etc.), parts and consumable supplies (filters, membranes, etc.).

Top Down Investment Thesis

The increasing cost of water due to scarcity, quality challenges and environmental policies has driven manufacturers and other water users to employ increasingly sophisticated techniques to treat their water supply for industrial processes and/or discharge. Small and mid-sized businesses often do not have the in-house knowledge to apply more advanced technologies or properly adhere to the evolving regulatory environment. Leading water treatment providers offer customers this expertise on an outsourced basis and can provide the diagnostic support to continuously evaluate the clients’ needs and offer proprietary chemical blends and engineered equipment to meet each customer’s unique requirements.

Buy and Build Strategy

Having completed the recapitalization with Excellere in January of 2011, USWS is actively seeking to acquire and/or partner with other water treatment companies in the United States. Companies serving the food and beverage, utility, microelectronic and other commercial industries would complement USWS current customer base.

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