Ownership Retention/Liquidity
Business owners retain significant ownership in the company and receive substantial cash at closing, reducing risk of an otherwise concentrated investment.

Retain Corporate Culture
A Recap allows the company’s image and corporate culture to remain intact.

Favorable Tax Treatment
Business owners enjoy capital gains on the cash received at closing and, in most cases, a tax deferral on the stock rolled over into the transaction.

Reward Management & Employees
Besides the business owner realizing significant proceeds, management and employees can receive a significant “second bite of the apple” through continued equity investment, stock options, and performance-based stock incentives.

Continuity of Business
A Recap maintains continuity of the business practices and culture that made the company successful in the first place.

Infusion of Capital for Growth
Excellere’s infusion of new capital eliminates all of the owner’s personal guarantees. These resources allow the owner to concentrate on taking the business to the next level.

Maintains Operating Control
The business owner and management team continue managing day-to-day operations and play a key role implementing strategic growth and integrating acquisitions. Excellere focuses on the future of the business and ensuring that adequate resources are provided to thoroughly support management’s vision.